Sailing Lessons

Love to sail? Don’t know how to sail? Look no further. If you’ve never sailed, have limited sailing experience or haven’t sailed in a long time, our hands-on Basic Sailing Course gives you the skills and confidence to take the helm. The sailing course content is programmed to meet your specific needs and presented by a patient, caring instructor. Meet and befriend fellow sailing enthusiasts in an exciting, yet supportive environment.


We have a sailing school right here at the Key Largo Cottages. Our certified Learn To Sail class will only have you sailing a 22 foot sailboat with your family. Each course will be in 2 six hour classes. All for $495 per person or $695 per couple and you can ad kids to your class at $100 each. At the end of the class you all graduate with confidence and a certificate to prove it. We also have a 2 hour Introduction to Sailing at $200 per person.


Our sailing instructors are highly qualified and they truly care about your success. Some are certified United States Coast Guard (USCG) Sail Masters with more than 40 years of experience here and Australia. We guarantee that your sailing education will be one of the best.


With Key Largo Cottages, it’s easy to chart a course for a rewarding family vacation. Adventurous individuals, couples and families who love the outdoors persistently come back to Key Largo Cottages to bond, relax and recharge.